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Sean Sullivan

A confirmed contrarian; Sean Sullivan has been stirring up the Mobile radio market since 1995 when returned to his home town to ply his radio trade. Opinionated, funny and completely befuddled by the domestic normalcy of his life Sean has finally landed in the radio job he was born to do, in the city he loves.

Sean has proven that bribery works by winning the best D.J. in Mobile award 6 years in a row as awarded by the readers of the arts and entertainment newspaper Lagniappe. He has also won Mobile Bay Monthly’s “Best of the Bay” several times and is the Susan Lucci of the Mobile Register’s “Reader’s Choice” poll for favorite air personality.

Sean’s rock and roll conservatism brings a unique angle to local news and current events.


Kelly Finley

Kelly Finley is a 17 year news veteran and mom of 2. Her career has crisscrossed the globe as Finley lived and worked overseas in Tirana, Albania and Brussels, Belgium. She also anchored and reported news on television and radio airwaves in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Kelly’s television career began in Yuma, Arizona, then Billings, Montana, San Diego, California was next, followed by Kansas City, Missouri and Mobile, Alabama. Kelly made her home here in Mobile, in 2013. Finley proudly served as the first civilian Family Readiness Officer in the United States Marine Corps (MWSG-37). Finley was the direct liaison between the colonel and four squadrons of Marines, sailors and their families (19,000+) and was responsible for leading four squadron Family Readiness Officers, as well. Kelly looks forward to bringing her extensive media experience and public service to the FM Talk 106.5 team and listeners. Kelly Finley is also the director of communications and public relations for the Dora Franklin Finley African-American Heritage Trail, is a proud board member of the Mobile Baykeeper, Prichard Preparatory School, the H. Roger Williams Boys and Girls Club of Alabama and is a member of the Women’s Business Alliance. Kelly is a graduate of Wayne State University and holds her B.A. in Radio/Television. Follow Kelly’s news updates and behind the scenes coverage every morning on social media - Twitter: @KellyK2KFinleyFacebook: Kelly Finley


Dalton Orwig

Dalton Orwig is wiser than his years, but rarely acts like it. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Dalton grew to love watching and playing sports more than anything…. except talking. He has been a talker and entertainer since he began entertaining Denny’s customers with his spontaneously delivered acapella rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at the age of 4.

He’s only 26 years old, but Dalton has been working in radio since he began his career at 16 years old in Jackson, Alabama. By 19, Dalton was hosting the morning show for “Bama 106” during his summer breaks from Troy University. He left Troy University after his Sophomore year, and finished his degree in broadcast journalism closer to home at the University of South Alabama. He has lived in Mobile ever since.

After being hired at FM Talk 1065, Dalton was lauded for his ability to screen phone calls and help the old heads decipher slang words from the streets. These abilities helped land Dalton the job of co-host and the sports reporter for Mobile Mornings.