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  • A-Team Fishing Adventures Raffle for the Officer Sean Tuder Memorial Fund

    Mobile Police Department Officer Sean Tuder was killed in the line of duty on Sunday, January 20, 2019.  He had served with the Mobile Police Department since March 2016 and was named Officer of the Month in July 2017.

    A Memorial Fund has been set up for the family of Officer Sean Tuder and A-Team Fishing Adventures is conducting a raffle to help contribute to that fund in support to Officer Tuder's family.  

    The raffle package includes:

    - A professionally guided fishing trip with Captain Bobby Abruscato

    - A custom built fishing rod

    - A stocked tackle box

    How to enter the raffle:

    - Make a donation to The Officer Sean Tuder Memorial Fund by clicking here.

    - Save the email receipt you receive after making your donation.

    - Return to this page: https://ateamfishing.com/offic...

    - Complete and submit form on the A-team fishing website.

    You will be required to present the receipt you received after making your donation to The Officer Sean Tuder Memorial Fund in order to take delivery of raffle prizes. The subject line of the email you received after making your donation will be “Transaction Receipt from Mobile Law Enforcement.”

    The winning raffle entry will be drawn live on the radio during The Weekend Fishing Report with Captain Bobby Abruscato and Sean Sullivan on FM Talk 1065 on March 21, 2019 at 7:50 am. 

  • Mueller report looming, new attorney general in hot seat

    WASHINGTON (AP) — William Barr has been attorney general for just one weekbut is on the cusp of staring down what will almost certainly be the most consequential decision of his long career: how much of the special counsel’s findings to make public.

    The position catapults him from Justice Department outsider free to theorize and speculate on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation to the man at the center of the legal and political firestorm that will accompany its looming conclusion.

    With Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein preparing to exit after supervising the day-to-day investigation for nearly two years, and with Trump loyalist Matthew Whitaker now replaced in the top job, Barr is in the hot seat: He is responsible for navigating the department through congressional and public demands for details of Mueller’s findings while dealing with a White House that may challenge, or even stifle, the conclusions.

    Friends say Barr is accustomed to pressure-cooker situations by virtue of his experience as attorney general from 1991 to 1993 under President George H.W. Bush and other senior Justice Department jobs. He oversaw the department’s response when Los Angeles erupted in riots after the Rodney King verdict and when Cuban inmates took hostages at a federal prison in Alabama. He blessed Bush administration pardons in the Iran-Contra scandal and offered legal advice on the White House’s ability to invade Panama.

    In this case, though, no less than the fate of Donald Trump’s presidency may hang in the balance of whatever Barr decides.

    “I’m sure it’s going to be a tough set of decisions and circumstances, but Bill doesn’t shy away from tough situations,” said former Justice Department colleague Timothy Flanigan. “He’s not likely to sit there fretting over what does this mean for his legacy or his long-term political viability.”

    Although Barr carefully weighs difficult decisions and consults others before making them, once he’s made them, “he doesn’t kind of circle and fret,” Flanigan said.

    Key decisions are expected soon as Mueller shows signs of concluding his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and possible coordination with the Trump campaign.


  • "I'm not a bad person" Daphne road rage suspect faces more charges

    DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) -- New video and more charges for a Daphne man at the center of a road rage crime spree on the Eastern Shore. Delwin Knight turned himself into Daphne Police Thursday afternoon. It's his second arrest this week.

    Riding in the same truck that has starred in many road rage videos on the Eastern Shore including a new video of an incident three weeks ago. "

    This guy is cutting me off.  He's cussing me like a sailor."

    Delwin Knight turned himself into Daphne Police and tried to explain himself.  "I'm not no crazy maniac type of guy. I'm a good guy. I'm very successful you see what I'm driving.  It's like these people be judging me, making me do stuff and act in a way like I'm threatening them. They bring it to my attention and I act like I act, flip em off or whatever. They act like it's a big threat like I'm threatening them. I haven't threatened, I haven't harassed anyone. It's just road rage."

    He faces eight additional charges of harassment and reckless endangerment.  "Why didn't they come forward then? Now they trying to make me look bad while there is something already on me. That's just terrible," said Knight.

    After video aired earlier this week, almost two dozen alleged victims have come forward including a man who didn't want to be identified. "When I saw him on TV I said that's that dude."

    Knight now faces a total of nine misdemeanor charges and even as he was being handcuffed, he thinks he is the victim.  "I feel like they was messing with me. Either they was coming over when I was coming up. I'm just not no type of guy that be messing with these people."


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