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  • Kavanaugh’s accuser says she would testify under right terms

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Christine Blasey Ford may testify against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after all, her attorney said, breathing new life into the prospect of a dramatic Senate showdown next week over Ford’s accusation that he assaulted her when they were in high school.

    The preference would be for Ford to testify next Thursday, and she doesn’t want Kavanaugh in the same room, her attorney told Judiciary Committee staff in a 30-minute call that also touched on security concerns and others issues, according to a Senate aide who wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

    Ford is willing to tell her story to the Judiciary Committee, whose senators will vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation — but only if agreement can be reached on “terms that are fair and which ensure her safety,” the attorney said in an email earlier Thursday. In the call, she said Ford needs time to secure her family, prepare her testimony and travel to Washington. No decisions were reached, the aide said.


  • Jury recommends death sentence for man found guilty of murdering 5 in Citronelle

    MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) - A jury has found Derrick Dearman guilty of 10 counts of capital murder and recommended the death sentence Thursday. 

    He's convicted of killing 5 people including a pregnant woman. Derrick Dearman pleaded guilty to capital murder earlier in the month. 

    Derrick Dearman hacked some of his victims with an axe back in 2016. The trial's been delayed numerous times, despite Dearman's confession in 2016. He's waived his right to an attorney, so Dearman faced a jury by himself. 

    As Dearman was escorted by police in 2016, he was asked by reporters if he would apologize to the families of the victims. He responded, "yes, yes, I sincerely and truly apologize."


  • Florence evacuees return as others brace for more flooding

    WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) — The trillions of gallons of water dumped by Hurricane Florence continue to slowly meander their way to the sea, leaving billions of dollars of damage in their wake.

    The crisis is slowly moving to South Carolina, where there was enough warning and certainty about where the water was going that hundreds of people loaded furniture from their homes into trucks and flatbeds to take to higher ground.

    Officials downstream sounded dire alarms, pointing out the property destruction and environmental disasters left in Florence’s wake.

    “We’re at the end of the line of all waters to come down,” said Georgetown County Administrator Sel Hemingway, as he warned the area may see a flood like it has never seen before.


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  • Got Junk

    AAA says seniors are outliving their ability to drive safely with some 200,000 drivers 65 and over injured in 2016. Should people over a certain age be required to take an additional driver's test?

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