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With more than 28 years of experience in the world of health and fitness Garrett’s "Personal Edge Radio Show" is based in Mobile, Alabama and focuses on dispelling the myths about diet, exercise and fitness so you can live well. A holder of several degrees, he is a Certified Personal Trainer, Member of Team USA Triathlons and the President of Personal Edge Fitness. This spirited and infectious radio host will have you tuning in every Tuesday at 6:00pm! Besides, he’s just an overall great guy!


A native Mobilian, Garrett holds a batchelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Georgia where he was a pole-vaulter. After graduation, he earned his Master’s in Fitness Management from the United States Sports Academy, interning in Dallas, Texas at Dr. Kenneth Coopers’ Aerobic Research Facility and also in Tulsa, Oklahoma at St. Johns Medical facility. 

After eight years of personal training in Georgia, Oklahoma and Alabama, he opened Personal Edge Fitness in 2000 which offers a-la-carte services in personal training, rehabilitation, sport-specific training, video training, and in-home training by certified and degreed professionals. They have many programs from Catalyst Weight Loss, Assist Stretch & Refresh and Corporate Edge, just to name a few. They have been in business for more than 19 years. 

In 2010 Garrett re-entered the competitive athletic field in Sprint Triathlon for Team USA. Still at it today, he has competed in China, New Zealand, England, Mexico, United States, Denmark and Spain!

Garrett is married to Stephanie Jane Eads-Williamson from Jasper, Alabama and are extremely active with Save-a-Stray, their foster and rescue program. Proud parents of five dogs, they have also provided temporary homes to many fosters. They also enjoy traveling and are avid scuba divers. Visible in our community, Garrett has been a member of the Mobile Chamber of Commerce for many years and is active in several other charitable and civic organizations.