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Today's Weather Report by Dr. Bill Williams:

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Dr. Bill Williams

Staff Meteorologist
imageLife on the Gulf Coast is great but how great often depends on the weather. Coastal residents are even more attuned to changes in the atmosphere that people elsewhere and FM Talk 1065 recognizes that. Mobile’s only full time radio meteorologist Dr. Bill Williams is just that, a meteorologist and his forecasts are exclusively on FM Talk 1065. In a world full of “weather guys” FM Talk 1065 delivers the forecast from the man that makes the forecast, Dr. Bill Williams. Yes, Dr. as in PHD; Bill Williams is a 30 year veteran on air forecaster and has 40 years teaching Meteorology at the University of South Alabama. The founder of the University of South Alabama’s Coastal Weather Research Center, the only full service forecasting center on a college campus in the nation, at the University of South Alabama, Dr. Bill is tuned in to the latest changes in weather conditions. Whether he is forecasting the weather conditions for a Tuesday afternoon commute or the landfall location of a Category 5 hurricane the name Dr. Bill Williams is synonymous with accuracy in the forecasting world. Catch Dr. Bill Williams forecast twice and hour every hour and five times an hour each weekday morning on FM Talk 1065.