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Sean Sullivan


A confirmed contrarian; Sean Sullivan has been stirring up the Mobile radio market since 1995 when returned to his home town to ply his radio trade. Opinionated, funny and completely befuddled by the domestic normalcy of his life Sean has finally landed in the radio job he was born to do, in the city he loves.

Sean has proven that bribery works by winning the best D.J. in Mobile award 6 years in a row as awarded by the readers of the arts and entertainment newspaper Lagniappe. He has also won Mobile Bay Monthly’s “Best of the Bay” several times and is the Susan Lucci of the Mobile Register’s “Reader’s Choice” poll for favorite air personality.

Sean’s rock and roll conservatism brings a unique angle to local news and current events. His pairing with Wayne Gardner on the FM Talk 1065 morning show brings 50 years of combined radio experience to the air.