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Jolene Roxbury

image Jolene began making us giggle several years ago when she somehow managed to plant herself in the “guest” seat on Sean Sullivan’s award-winning morning show.  (Which by the way, received many awards and was the winner of many awards.  You didn’t know??  Read his bio!)   

Her classic “OB-GYN Answering Machine” segment was downloaded more times than Pam and Tommy Lee’s honeymoon video.  Ok not really - but it did boost sales into the thousands of her debut cd, ‘Best of Morning at the Roxbury’ back in 2003.    Since then she has released several other cds including the critically acclaimed “Hanukwanzmas”, which is Jolene’s answer to the feeling that the pressure of political correctness has sucked nearly all the fun out of the holidays.

Jolene has made a big enough splash to land her a gig hosting special events at the Kendall-Jackson Winery in Santa Rosa, California as well as numerous appearances throughout the country.  Here at home, Jolene is proud to be spokesperson for Toomey’s Mardi-Gras.

In 2004, Jolene was successful in launching her own line of Baff n’ Booty Spa Products which are sold exclusively in her online store.  Hop on over to her website at to join her mailing list and listen to more audio!

Jolene Roxbury airs Saturdays at 1 pm with a refeeds on Saturdays at Midnight and Sundays at 1 pm.