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Have you donated to a candidate in this Presidential election cycle?

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    How does Donald Trump's campaign compare with the Brexit movement?

    Donald Trump's presidential campaign has a number of similarities with the "Leave EU" movement. Most notably, both campaigns focused on nationalism and a major crackdown on immigration. Dean Reynolds reports.

    Donald Trump praises Brexit

    Donald Trump coincidentally landed in Scotland to re-open one of his golf courses just as the decision by the United Kingdom to leave the EU was becoming clear. The Republican nominee saw parallels between the "leave" campaign and his own in the U.S. Charlie D'Agata has more.

    Markets tank following Brexit

    Markets worldwide flirted with circuit breakers Friday after Britain's decision to leave the EU. The negative reaction from the markets comes from the uncertainty that follows Britain's move. Anthony Mason reports.

    Britain votes to leave European Union

    The United Kingdom voted to withdraw from the European Union in a referendum Thursday. Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation following the final results. Now many are wondering what happens next. Mark Phillips has more.