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    Boy's plea for adoption ends with surprise

    Davion Only's story went viral a few years ago when, as a foster child, he stood up in a Florida church and asked to be adopted. Thousands of requests poured in after Only's plea garnered national media attention. Steve Hartman gives the ending to Only's search for a family.

    Former serviceman spit on during Fla. protest

    The president of the University of Florida apologized to a veteran who was spit on by protesting fraternity members. CBSN's Anne-Marie Green and David Begnaud talk about the disrespect shown to a former military member.

    The surprise ending to a foster kid's plea for adoption

    After thousands of requests for adoption came in, Florida teen made a choice that few may have expected

    Army Ranger school allows women a chance at history

    For the first time the U.S. Army's elite Ranger School has allowed a select number of women to enter its 62-day course. Should they complete the course, they would become the first women to do so. David Martin reports on the challenges they'll face.

    The dangerous search for Vietnam's undetonated bombs

    "If anyone picks it up, it can set it off," says guide during search for American bombs leftover from the Vietnam war

    Group aims to clear Vietnam of undetonated bombs

    As the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War nears, dangerous remnants of the conflict remain. CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen went back to the country to follow a group whose mission is to find and safely destroy America’s undetonated bombs.

    Scientists look for climate clues in Chile volcano eruption

    There are concerns Chile's Mount Calbuco could erupt for a third time. The previous eruptions have sent ash as far as 600 miles away. As Michelle Miller reports, scientists are studying the eruptions to see if they have any impact on global temperatures.

    Chile volcano has rare eruptions; more expected

    The Cabulco volcano in southern Chile has erupted twice in the last 24 hours after being dormant for decades. And there may be more action on the way. CBSN's Anne-Marie Green and David Begnaud discuss what geologists are monitoring.