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Are you disappointed that the lotto constitutional amendment will not be on the ballot in November? 

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    Sheriff: Suspect confesses in killings of 2 nuns in Mississippi

    Rodney Earl Sanders arrested and charged in the deaths of two 68-year-old nuns

    In wake of Italy quake, how ready is Los Angeles?

    The Los Angeles skyline may look drastically different than the centuries-old villages pulverized in massive earthquake, but looks can be deceiving

    National Park Service celebrates 100th birthday

    The National Park Service oversees 413 sites, including 59 major national parks, covering 84 million acres from Great Smoky Mountains, the most visited, to the Grand Canyon, the Everglades and the newest addition, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in Maine. The park service is celebrating its 100th birthday this weekend. Chip Reid has more on these timeless treasures.

    Argosy Book Store, Manhattan's hidden gem

    In midtown Manhattan, squeezed in-between the skyscrapers on East 59th Street, is a six-story literary oasis. The Argosy Book Store has been in business for 91 years now. It's run by three sisters. All in their 70s, they have run Argosy since their father died in 1991. Anthony Mason has more.