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What’s your opinion on same-sex marriage?

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    "Whiteness Project" documentary explores race

    The "Whiteness Project" is a multimedia documentary, described as an investigation of how Americans identify with being white. Twenty-one caucasians from Buffalo, New York, talk candidly about their race. Whitney Dow, the producer and director, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the film.

    Man warns President Obama: "Don't touch my girlfriend"

    Obama was in Chicago Monday for early voting, filling out his ballot and minding his business when the boyfriend of the woman next to him gave the commander in chief some playful advice. Watch to see President Obama's response.

    Some Job Corps centers full of violence, drugs and fraud

    The federal Job Corps program has been around for 50 years, providing training and education to teens and young adults. A CBS News investigation raises serious questions over how well some Job Corps centers are doing. Anna Werner reports.

    Trick-or-treat: Concern over children getting pot-infused candy

    Colorado and Washington state will soon celebrate Halloween for the first time since marijuana became widely available in stores. Police are warning parents to check their kids' bags for pot-laced candy. Barry Petersen reports.

    How ISIS is devastating Iraq's schools

    Most schools used as shelters during militants' summer offensive reopen, but thousands of Iraqi kids still can't attend classes

    Colorado teen girls intended to join ISIS, authorities say

    FBI officials in Denver say that three runaway teen girls were interested in meeting up with ISIS fighters in Syria. The girls were apprehended in Frankfurt, Germany, and are now back home. Bob Orr reports from Washington.

    American freed from North Korea arrives in U.S.

    A plane carrying Jeffrey Fowle landed in Dayton, Ohio. He was greeted with a handshake and a hug. North Korea's government news agency says Fowle was set free after "repeated requests from President Obama." Margaret Brennan reports.

    Newark passenger being monitored for Ebola

    A passenger who arrived at Newark Liberty Airport Tuesday night is undergoing Ebola testing at an area hospital. This comes as the U.S. government is mandating all passengers from countries affected by Ebola will start flying exclusively to five airports performing Ebola screening. Charlie Rose reports.