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Which would you rather see legalized first in Alabama?

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    Almanac: The first selfie

    The early American photographer Robert Cornelius - credited with taking the very first photographic self-portrait in America - was born in Philadelphia 206 years ago today. Charles Osgood reports.

    Living through winter at Yellowstone National Park

    Steve Fuller is the Winter Caretaker of Yellowstone National Park - one of just a handful of hearty souls who remain in the wilderness long after the summer tourists have gone. He's stuck out the solitary existence of the position for 42 years, ever since the winter of 1973. Lee Cowan reports.

    Accused U.S. sex offender "minister" arrested in Brazil

    Victor Barnard found on tropical beach after being on U.S. most-wanted list for 59 counts of sexual misconduct with girls at his religious fellowship in rural Minnesota

    ​Almanac: Remembering the very first selfie

    March 1, 1809, was the birthday of photographer Robert Cornelius, credited with taking the first photographic self-portrait in America