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Have you donated to a candidate in this Presidential election cycle?

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    Simple steps to streamline your financial life this summer

    Now that it's officially summer, you're probably ready to kick back and think about anything but your financial life. Before you shut down, there's a perfect antidote to summer brain freeze. Jill Schlesinger reports.

    Gunmen take guests hostage in deadly attack on Somalia hotel

    Somalia hotel guests taken hostage by extremist group linked to al Qaeda after suicide bombing

    Can potatoes really grow on Mars?

    NASA and private companies are planning expeditions to Mars. The new space race could be titled "Destination: Mars." But the astronaut explorers will face the problem of growing food, so U.S. scientists went to the bone-dry deserts of South America to cook up a solution. Mark Albert reports.

    How Brexit fallout is shaking up the global economy

    The Brexit decision has affected markets around the world. CBS News senior business analyst Jill Schlesinger joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the impact and the possibility of a global recession.